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ProAligner™ Technology

•  Unique wheel aligning tool and method
•  Developed by a motorcycle dynamics expert
•  Relied upon by serious riders and racers
•  More accurate than other aligning methods
•  Reveals the gross inaccuracy of using string

•  A
ligns with laser-like precision
•  Alignment accuracy CCM certified

•  Shows exact wheel alignment dimension
•  Enables multiple aligning methods


•  Certified 6th Grade Simple to use
•  Faster than expensive laser wheel aligners, straight edges, or string
•  Simple instructions for aligning chain and belt drive motorcycles

•  For Racebikes, Sportbikes, Standards, Dualsports, Cruisers, Customs
•  Aligns bikes on rear stands, front stands (not wheel chocks),
   centerstands, side stands, or no stands at all  


•  Store it in your tool box drawer.
Hang it up
•  Carry it in your pocket

•  ProAligner™ never loses accuracy
•  Made in the USA

Only $29. USD
•  Plus Priority Mail shipping, worldwide
•  Dealer Inquiries Invited


Features Accuracy
How It Works
FAQ Users Say
About Us

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