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Problems Solved

• ProAligner™ eliminates the rear wheel misalignment that can cause skewed braking, oversteer or understeer, drifting or pulling in one direction, and steering head shake.

• Perfectly aligned wheels give straight acceleration and braking, steady steering, plus an equally balanced feel turning left or right.

Unique Aligning Tool

• Proaligner™ is packaged in a protective sleeve to keep it clean and safe in your tool box. The scale is scientifically designed to easily read at a distance.


• Basic instructions for using ProAligner™ are printed on the back of the storage sleeve, so they never get lost

• When you order ProAligner, you will also receive downloading instructions for different setups and measuring methods to suit all bike stand positions, plus motorcycles with specified wheel offsets. No other wheel aligning tool can do this.

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Quick Set Up

• Set your bike on its sidestand, center-stand, or rear-wheel stand.
Or lean it against a wall.

Extend ProlAligner™ to the height
and angle that gives an unobstructed sighting line on both sides of the tires.


Unique Aligning Method

• We can use the above photo of a GP motorcycle supported on a rear wheel stand to demonstrate how to measure wheel alignment, easily and quickly.

Measuring wheel alignment will take you about a minute. Your measurement is accurate to within 0.1 inches (2.5 mm), or less than the width of a laser beam.

• Check the enlargement below: The black section represents the width of the front tire. The dark gray section behind it represents the width of the rear tire.

• Visually sight the leading and trailing outer edges of each tire (or wheels without tires mounted) at the same level as the ProAlignerscale, similar to aiming a rifle.


• From left to right, read and note the numbers where your sight-line intersects the ProAligner scale. Total the numbers as follows: plus 37, minus 43, minus 72, plus 78. The total is zero. 

• To determine the actual rear wheel misalignment, or offset,
divide the total by 2. The result is still zero. The wheels are exactly aligned.

• Say the scale numbers read 37, 40, 69, 78.  After totaling and dividing, the result is 3.
Rear wheel misalignment equals 3 spaces,  or 0.30 inches (7.6 mm).  

• Adjust the rear wheel 3 spaces
toward the lower end of the scale, or toward the right side of the bike (when facing forward). The adjustment zeros the misalignment.

• After adjusting the rear wheel, sight the ProAligner™ scale again to quickly confirm the wheels are exactly aligned. No other wheel aligning mehod is easier.

The ProAligner™ banner shows another example. The scale totals 10–31–86+107, which divided by 2 equals zero. The ProAligner™ logo is exactly centered on the webpage.

• You can set up ProAligner

different ways
to align wheels directly. Nothing else is simpler.

• Your sight line replaces
long strings or tubes extending forward, and you read the alignment numbers directly.


  Unique Results

• Turn a rear wheel axle adjusting screw only 1 flat (1/6 turn) and ProAligner™ will show a measurable change in wheel alignment.

• Always use ProAligner™ to align your motorcycle wheels directly and precisely for consistent, predictable handling and control.

• if you crash your bike, you can quickly set up ProAligner™ to determine if the alignment has changed. If so, it indicates the
crash may have twisted or bent the suspension or frame.

• Advanced ProAligner™ gives you the easiest, quickest, most accurate motorcycle wheel alignment possible. Period.

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