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Problems Solved

•  ProAligner™ eliminates the rear wheel misalignment that can cause skewed braking, oversteer or understeer, drifting or pulling in one direction, and steering head shake

•  Perfectly aligned wheels give straight acceleration and braking, steady steering, plus an equally balanced feel turning left or right

Unique Tool

•  Proaligner™ is packaged in a protective sleeve to keep it clean and safe in your tool box. The scale is scientifically designed to easily read at a distance

•  Basic instructions for using ProAligner™ are printed on the back of the storage sleeve, so they never get lost

•  When you purchase ProAligner™ you will also receive directions for downloading illustrated aligning instructions

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Quick Set Up

•  Park your bike on its sidestand, centerstand, or rear-wheel stand, or lean it against a wall

•  Expand ProAligner™ and set it between the front and rear tires

•  Adjust ProlAligner™ to the height and angle that gives an unobstructed sighting line on both sides of the tires

Unique Method

•  Follow ProAligner™ simple instructions to sight the front and rear wheels (with or without tires mounted) and measure exact misalignment

•  Left, ProAligner™ shows the rear wheel should be adjusted
0.3 inches (7.6 mm) toward the front wheel centerline


•  Follow ProAligner™ instructions to quickly and accurately align the rear wheel

•  Right, ProAligner™ shows the rear wheel is aligned to the front wheel, exactly

  Unique Results

•  Turn a rear wheel axle adjusting screw only 1 flat (1/6 turn) and ProAligner™ will measure the change in wheel alignment

•  Use ProAligner™ to align your motorcycle wheels directly and precisely for consistent, predictable handling and control

•  ProAligner™ gives you the best motorcycle wheel alignment possible. Period

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Features Accuracy How It Works FAQ Users Say About Us

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