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• The ProAligner works wonders! Yamaha R1 rider –C.R., Nashville, TN

• I'm very pleased with this tool and I believe it was well worth the purchase price. No longer is the rear wheel alignment difficult to accomplish. Buy one...you'll like it, and after you've used it once or twice, it becomes intuitive and you don't even need the instuctions. Triumph Thunderbird rider –J.B., Jacksonville, FL

• ...your product is both brilliantly conceived and idiot-proof to use. I both ride and restore motorcycles and presently own 6 chain or belt drive ones. Interesting concept indeed.         
Kawasaki H2B rider –J.J, Flower Mound, TX

• I've been aligning my wheels using the string method, and sometimes it's hit or miss. Bike tending to lean one way or another after replacing or tightening a chain. • I received the ProAligner, last Friday. Alignment was a snap. My bike no longer pulls to the right, and push steering is much more even and fluid. Having the correct alignment is confidence inspiring in the corners. 
Kawasaki ZR-7 rider –S.M., Nova Scotia

• The first thing I noticed was how easy it was to use, and how repeatable it was! My adjustments were off, so I corrected it and found the bike to be more stable around corners at speed. I'm sold!    
BMW S1000RR track day rider –G.A., Westminster, CO

• I got the ProAligner much sooner than expected...There was a learning curve for me, but once I got the grip, the tool is a time-saver, accurate and inexpensive...Great tool!
Kawasaki Versys rider –C.C., Athens Greece

•  The ProAligner is a very slick and easy to use tool...fast to setup and does what it claims...I can't imagine how much time I wasted using the old string method. Thanks for such a great product. sportbike rider –D.L., Burnsville, MN

•  The Proaligner showed that the factory adjustment marks were five bolt head flats off on the right side to line up the wheels correctly. The difference in how the motorcycle handled and steered was amazing. It holds a straight line (even with no hands) and there is no noticeable wandering on hard crowned roads. The feeling that the rear tire was kicking out on hard lean fast turns is gone. Triumph Bonneville rider –B.R., Slatington, PA

•  At race pace, wheel misalignment could mean the difference between winning or not. I found the Proaligner to be the fastest, easiest way to insure my bike's wheels are aligned properly. AFM racing class champion –K.W., Santa Rosa, CA

•  I adjusted the bike's alignment in about 10 minutes. This system works much better than the string method...I like this tool. It now lives in my toolbox. AMA Pro team crew chief –E.S., Mentone, CA

•  Both bikes now ride straight with the hands off the grips. There's a dramatic improvement in the FLSTF cornering. I didn't realize how degraded things were until the correction. ProAligner is a must have tool. Fat Boy & Sportster rider –J.S., Stockton, IL

•  I learned about the Pro Aligner in Cycle World. They gave it a very good review...My current project was to replace the chain and sprockets. It is a good thing that I had the tool to make sure the wheel was straight. Great product! sportbike rider –S.G., Nashville, TN

•  After using the ProAligner my Ninja 650 was noticeably more nimble on my weekend twisty rides plus steadier on the track. My bike felt more precise no matter which way I was turning. This is a great tool to have. sportbike and trackday rider –B.C., San Jose, CA

•  I just got my ProAligner and used it on one street bike and two road racing bikes. It was easy to use. [After using the Proaligner] it was great to know all were in perfect alignment. AHRMA racer and world-wide motorcycle adventure tourer –T.L., Hockessin, DE

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